Frederick Chopin (1810 – 1849) – Nocturnes Opus 15

 Chopin Nocturnes Opus 15

Chopin dedicated most of his musical creativity to compositions for the piano.  And the creation of the 21 Nocturnes spanned most of his creative life. Though John Field is credited with applying the term “nocturne” to the character piece some twenty years earlier, his “night” pieces are considerably less complex.

The F major and F# major nocturnes are the first of three Opus 15 nocturnes. Though probably written before his arrival in Paris in late 1831, they were not published until after his arrival.  They are both in ABA form with contrasting stormy middle sections, though no. 1 is considerably stormier.  Interestingly, the third nocturne in this set, written after his arrival in Paris is considerably different in tone, being loftier, more eclectic and in some respects more spiritual.

These “night pieces” set a generally peaceful mood leaving one to enjoy a restive more contemplative time.