Ludwig Von Beethoven (1750 – 1827) – Sonata, Opus 79

Although Beethoven’s Opus 79 was completed in 1809 during his “romantic” period, it has a classical air about it. The first movement is in classical sonata form, and is metered in the way of a fast German waltz. Its development section features a delightful crossover hand syncopation which is derived from the leaps in the exposition’s opening theme. The second movement is a short contrasting slow waltz which lulls one in 9/8 time. Although the last movement might seem to conform to an ABA pattern the “A” sections are made up of two contrasting themes, one in G and one in C. These themes alternate as in a rondo and are varied on each hearing.

Beethoven called this work a Sonatina. However, there are many elements which foreshadow the late sonatas in sound and spirit.