2011 Program Notes

You will hear fanciful music.  These compositions are products of the heart of humanism, of the individual.  The underlying form or structure is oftentimes hidden though in theory correct as in Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”.  But in other cases, the form … Continue reading

Three Pieces

Invention of the modern piano has been credited to Bartolemeau Christofori who around 1700 developed the first pianoforte (meaning soft/loud) The modern piano is distinguished from older keyboard instruments like the clavicorde and harpsicorde by an escapement action and string … Continue reading

About the Sonata

The Sonata – 2008 Program History dates the first use of the term sonata from a treatise by the italian Adriano Banchieri around 1605. However its form and structure has changed considerably over the hundreds of years since then.  Many … Continue reading

Form in Music

There are many forms in music and all music has structure.  Even the absence of order has its method.  If you look at a theoretically free “through composed” piece, one which never references a past melody, motif, key, time signature, … Continue reading